A Look At How Sheldon Lavin Has Grown OSI Group Into An International Company

Sheldon Lavin began his professional career as a banker. He was working as a bank consultant in 1970 when he first became associated with a meat processing company, Otto & Sons.

This company needed financing in order to build a new plant that they needed in order to supply the fast food company McDonald’s as their Midwest supplier of fresh ground beef patties. After completing the deal and continued to serve Otto & Sons as a consultant. He joined the company’s management in the late 1970’s and eventually bought the company which has since been renamed OSI Group, LLC. Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman and Executive Officer of the company.

Sheldon Lavin is the person that has continually pushed for the company to get bigger and more diversified. In addition to McDonald’s, today they supply food to other fast food restaurants, and sit down restaurants, around the globe as well as grocery store private label brands. They supply far more than just fresh ground beef today and their processed foods range from vegetables, fruit, and fish to pizza, hot dogs, condiments, and dressings. The company is still privately held by Sheldon Lavin and according to Forbes has annual revenues of $6.1 billion.

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In 2016, Sheldon Lavin was honored by India’s Vision World Academy with their Global Visionary Award.

They noted that when he first became an executive at OSI Group the company was a regional food processing company. Under his leadership and vision, OSI Group now has facilities in 16 countries and its products are sold in 85 nations. OSI Group also employees more than 20,000 people. One of the company’s subsidiaries is OSI-Vista Processed Foods which was established in India in 1995 and has eight food processing plants in that country.

In addition to his work at OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin also serves Rush University Medical Center as their General Trustee.

Visit: https://www.rmhc.org/board-of-trustees

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