End Citizens United Works to Combat Big Money in Politics

End Citizens United, a non profit organization developed to financially and politically oppose the 2015 Supreme Court ruling allowing corporations to advertise for documentaries produced during political campaigns, has recently become the topic of media speculation for its participation in advocacy efforts. The organization’s founder, Ron Barber, recently discussed ways in which American citizens could actively participate in the process of getting the Citizens United ruling overturned and effectively restoring the electoral process to the American people.



End Citizens United was developed in 2015 as a direct response to the ruling of the Supreme Court in the Citizens United vs. Federal Election Committee case. Citizens United is a conservative non-profit organization that produces a wide variety of right wing documentaries and literature in an effort to influence voters during election seasons and high ranking news cycles. The Citizens United Supreme Court case revolved around the conservative non-profit’s release of an anti-Clinton documentary detailing the criminal activities of both Bill and Hillary Clinton. The legality of the development of the documentary was not in question in this case. The Federal Election Committee argued that End Citizens United should not be allowed to promote their documentary and other political material because of the corporate status of the organizations. Since the development of Campaign Reform Act of 2012, corporations had received very strict regulations on their contributions to the campaigns of various politicians. The court ruling of the Citizens United case effectively limited the power of the Campaign Reform Act and maintained that corporations could market their own products even when the products were politically associated. End Citizens United was developed as a tool to ensure that limits be placed on campaign contributors.


Affiliated Programs and Impact

Since its inception in 2015, End Citizens United has actively engaged big corporations and lobbyists to end what they see as the detrimental effect of the Citizens United Supreme Court Ruling. End Citizens United has employed several notable politicians and government workers to expand the mission of the organization. Democrats like Jessica Vanden, Christopher Massicotte, Lanae Erikson, and Simone Ward all work to promote the welfare of American citizens with regard to the United States electoral process. To date, the political organization has become responsible for the initiation of several advocacy programs and legislative measures aimed at the destruction of corporate involvement in the electoral college. The company’s founder related the expression that it is incredibly evil for American corporations to be considered as individuals in the process which chooses the people who will govern them and the American people.


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