Securus Technologies Preventing Drones from Delivering Contraband

The Securus Technologies Inc started up its operations back in 1989 and has since risen to the top of the industry of security tech. Securus Technologies Inc works in two sectors such as the inmate communication business and the civil and criminal justice. The company is widely known for its fast pacing and high responsiveness. Over the past years, Securus Technologies Inc has been among the first responders when an issue in the two industries arise. That has made it a reliable business for more than 3 000 correctional facilities and other agencies across the United States of America.


The corporation focuses on several aspects of its business. One of them is putting out products and software that satisfies the demand in either of the industries. In the meantime, the Securus Technologies Inc is going through a number of expansion projects, doing acquisitions, and picking up new projects. The Securus Technologies Inc has acquired a variety of businesses over the oast few years. Some of those include the businesses of GovNetPay as well as the global JPay Inc.


In the past couple of years, the company of Securus Technologies Inc has released several new products on the market. In 2017, the correctional industry had an issue with contraband cell phones which inmates across the country used to log in to the social media platforms. The issue had its peak when they started doing live streams. The Securus Technologies Inc solved the problem by creating the Wireless Containment System which blocked the access of unauthorized devices from hooking up to the connection.


Later on, the contraband continued to allow inmates to reach out beyond the walls of correctional facilities. They would make phone calls and order hits on people. The Securus Technologies Inc solved that issue as well by creating a product to block those calls from exiting the correctional facilities. Millions of phone calls have been diverted by the company already. The system is running constantly.


The latest release of the Securus Technologies Inc as the Drone Detection System. In order to deliver contraband such as drugs and weapons among others, drones have been utilized across the country to fly the packages in the prison. The Drone Detection System prevents that from happening and even though the product still requires some adjustments and developments, the Drone Detection System has already been put to use successfully. The Securus Technologies Inc had been working with many partners to create this product and will continue to upgrade it.


Securus Technologies Inc is established as a leading provider for inmate communications and security tech. Correctional facilities across the United States of America have been relying on Securus Technologies Inc to create the types of products and services that will improve the sectors.



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