The Sweet Almond Mint Cleanse: A Wen Original

The Wen Cleansing Formula is a five-in-one product that does great things for the hair. First, it cleanses the hair. Next, it detangles the hair. Thirdly, this product conditions the hair and then it deep cleans the hair. Finally, the cleansing formula works as a leave-in conditioner. The cleansing formula has a delightful sweet almond mint scent that lasts on the hair all day long. It’s the original product that made WEN the popular brand that it is today. Although that was over 18 years ago, the product is still one of the best-sellers.

Chaz Dean is the Wen by Chaz founder. A Hollywood stylist to the stars, Dean developed the cleanser to give people who weren’t near his L.A. salon a taste of upscale hair care. It was an instant success and Dean has expanded his line these days the Wen by Chaz hair care line includes some pretty spectacular products that are designed to protect and nourish the hair while leaving it looking great. Read more about Dean and Wen on


Although costlier than some other hair care products out there, the Cleansing Formula (and other Wen products) are still reasonably priced and cheaper than many that you’ll find. You get what you pay for and these products certainly deliver fast results beyond your wildest expectations. No ordinary hair care product can do the great things that Wen by Chaz can do! Besides, the products are guaranteed to provide results so there is never any worry!

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