Richard Liu Qiangdong the CEO and Chairman of

Richard Liu started JD company from Scratch. He began with very minimal amount, but currently, the business has a market worth approximately 60 billion US dollars. When SARs outbreak struck Richard Liu did not want his staff members to get infected thus, he gave them some supplies, and they sent them home. He discovered that offline business was not doing well. Richard Liu ventured into the e-commerce business. He started selling IT, digital and mobile phone products. After six years the company had added more stock.

Richard Liu has set a goal to be always on top hence he ensures that the products supplied to the customers are of high quality and the services are the best standards. His primary focus is to establish new branches in other parts of the world including US, Asia, and Europe. Richard Liu plans to import the best products around the globe to China. will also form joint ventures with local entrepreneurs to expand the company.

Currently, specializes in communication, technology, logistics among other sectors. The best-selling products at are consumer goods and fashion. There are more than 160 thousand employees in the company who come from various parts of the world. These employees oversee that the ordered products reach the right customer on time. For the people in Beijing ordered products from are delivered within three hours. If the customer is in Washington DC will provide the product for about 20 hours. The customer is always advised in advance when to expect the product to avoid inconveniences.

Over the years, has been recognized as the largest e-commerce retailer in China. The company has partnered with WeChat company which increased the number of active users at thus promoting its social networks. even went public on Nasdaq floats having increased about a million active users.

Richard Liu hobby is exploring the world by visiting deserts. He also loves spending time with his family. Richard Liu says that his greatest achievement is family he is a proud father and he supports his parents. He also gives back to the society by funding their projects.

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