Talkspace-Preventing Rock Bottom

Talkspace is the future of therapy, and it is at the fingertips of anyone who needs it. People no longer have the excuse that they are too busy to make an appointment with their therapist because they can talk to a licensed therapist on their own terms an when it is convenient for them.

Michael Phelps knows firsthand how crippling depression can be and he’s joined forces with Talkspace to bring about awareness for depression with a TV campaign. Phelps is hoping that his efforts will encourage others who suffer from depression to seek the help that they need rather than try to deal with it on their own.

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Phelps has joined the board of advisors to help the ongoing strategy of Talkspace. In 2014 he had “lost all hope” and part of the education that he is helping to bring to light is that depression can happen to anyone and even the most successful athlete. It took him to reach rock bottom before he reached out for help, but he hopes that his efforts and the efforts of Talkspace Reviews will be able to help those who need it most before it gets that bad. A number of brands have also gotten on the mental health bandwagon and or e encouraging consumers to get help when they need it. Mental health is no joke and is a very serious condition that is often overlooked until it’s too late. It’s important to catch it early.

Talkspace can take on even the toughest questions as well as handle even the most difficult situation. They are well-equipped with experienced and caring therapists who are waiting to help. Anyone who needs them can contact them by phone, online, or over the phone. It has never been easier to get the help that you need.

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