Genucel of Chamonix and Women Aware Team Up to Help Victims Heal

Genucel, a subsidiary of Chamonix, is in the business of promoting great skin and giving back. Known for their amazing line of stem cell based anti-aging products, Genucel knows the importance that a positive body image plays in boosting self-esteem. That is why they are proud to partner with Women Aware, a non-profit organization assisting victims of domestic abuse, to help bring hope and increased self-esteem to survivors.



Recovering from domestic abuse is a long process. Beyond the struggle to take care of basic needs like food and shelter, survivors often face lowered self-esteem, self-worth and mental health issues. There are many proven techniques and strategies to help overcome these issues. One essential step is improving one’s sense of well-being and body positivity. Genucel is committed to helping survivors along their healing journey by helping them cultivate a more positive body image. The company has an ongoing relationship with Women Aware providing beauty bags filled with essential toiletries and Genucel products to women served by the non-profit.


Women Aware, based in New Jersey, has been providing food, shelter and recovery programs for victims of abuse since 1981. With an act of domestic violence occurring almost every 7 minutes, New Jersey has one of the highest rates of domestic violence in the country. Both men and women can be affected by domestic violence. Unfortunately, women are disproportionately impacted by abuse. This makes the need for women specific shelters and programs vitally important.


Women Aware debuted its “Moving Beyond Abuse 5K Race & Charity Walk” this year. This event allows community members to show support for victims of abuse as well as raising necessary funds for the agency. The event also serves to highlight all the healing benefits walking provides and how it can help those recovering from abuse.


Walking is known to help reduce psychological issues, such as PTSD, depression and anxiety, which victims of abuse often experience. Studies have shown that walking outside in nature has many health promoting benefits and can also decrease symptoms of mental illness. Walking is known to increase circulation and skin appearance, helping to keep the body fit and boosting self- esteem. Genucel was proud to donate to this charity walk and 5K, recognizing the importance that a healthy body image and heightened self-esteem can play in helping abuse survivors heal. Learn more about Genucel on

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