Why Are Freedom Checks Are Anything But a Scam

These days, someone is always making promises about money and how you can make more money. Scams abound, and they are becoming more sophisticated than ever. When someone tells you that you can earn thousands of dollars for a few days of work, do you believe them? Most likely you wouldn’t believe anyone who tells you that.

Generally, those scams are put out by individuals who are working within multi-level marketing. The sad part is that there are legitimate opportunities out there. There are true opportunities available that are lucrative, and one of those opportunities is “Freedom Checks”.

Freedom checks were first introduced by Matt Badiali, a long-time investor. Much of how this started was due to the powerful pull to search for oil in the United States rather than other countries. The journey to explore natural resources is what led Matt Badiali to the beginning of his quest with Freedom Checks.

Having started his career in geology, his friend eventually turned him onto finance and particular investments. Putting the two together is what interested Matt Badiali. While working with Executives and Vice Presidents for the natural oil and gas companies, Matt discovered that many of these companies have a tax code that would allow ordinary people like you and me to earn money without working for these companies.

This tax code gives you partner status without the work, and earnings that are tax free. Thus the name freedom checks was given to this investment. Those who invest in these companies by buying shares will earn dividends when these companies turn a profit.

Those who earn dividends with these freedom checks are seeing just how easy it can be to earn income without a lot of work, despite what folks are saying in the MLM industry. Regardless of what you hear, this is not an MLM opportunity, and this is not direct sales.

These checks are in fact anything but a scam, and they are a simple way that the average American can invest their money in something that is tangible and long-term.

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Gareth Henry Discusses the Merits of Private Credit

Gareth Henry makes a valid point in that private credit often plays an important role in keeping institutions afloat in a world economy. The financial crisis of 2008 is proof of what can befall the stock market in a single day of falling stocks. Stocks fell 777 points and investors panicked. Add to that the insolvency of two giants of Wall Street as Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers faltered. Goldman Sachs was also gasping for air. Warren Buffet, worth billions, interceded and offered Goldman Sachs an emergency loan worth $5 billion. Gareth Henry on Quantitative Investing.

Buffet came out on the good end of the deal. He charged Goldman Sachs 10 percent, along with gaining the right to convert his loan to Goldman Sachs preferred shares of stock. His bailout saved Goldman Sachs and gave the Federal Reserve an opportunity to devise a rescue plan for Goldman Sachs. Buffet made a $3.7 billion dollar profit on his loan. Buffet’s loan opened up the doors to private credit, and the practice is still in play today.

Gareth Henry holds the opinion that public credit takes on a more favorable opinion when markets are in trouble. He has always pulled his knowledge from his love for mathematics, economics, and the management of risk. When the stock market makes adjustments, it can wipe out huge shares of personal and corporate assets. Those with access to private credit have a life line that can save the day.

Private credit is never involved in public trading. Private credit lending comes from individuals, and not banks. Private credit can also take on the form of bonds, loans, notes, or other private security dealings such as real estate, debt, and structured financing. As an expert in the field, Gareth Henry understands the private credit space. Gareth Henry also has his finger on the pulse of the industry. Direct lending is also on the rise as traditional lending sources, like banks, have curbed their lending practices.

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Talos Energy Announces That It Is Resuming the Zama Appraisal Programme

On the 29th of November 2019, Talos Energy announced that it was commencing the Zama-2 Appraisal program. This program will help Talos Energy come up with two wells, one sidetrack and at least three reservoir penetrations.

Talos Energy is planning to drill the first well in the Northern part of the discovery to confirm the oil water and collect information there. The important step for Talos Energy is to get information from the oil water so that they can have a better understanding of the reservoir’s support system. Talos Energy intends to deepen the Zama reserrvoi approximately 500 meters below to test the exploration prospect.

After this, Talos Energy will then follow this up by an up-dip vertical sidetrack from the main bore hold. Talos Energy will then come up with a second appraisal well. The well will be drilled to the south of the original well. The importance of doing this is to ensure that there is continuity of quality in that part of the field.

By the second quarter of 2019, Talos Energy hopes to have drilled all the wells in the Zama project. But Talos is hoping to work with local suppliers in Mexico to ensure that they garner support for all their operations in various critical services. In addition, engineers from the Mexico City office plan to help in the pre-FEED analysis that will help them identify development options.

Overall, Talos is planning to spend at least $250 million in ensuring that the appraisal program is quite successful and that it exceeds all the expectations of the National Content.

The CEO, Timothy Duncan, is working on ensuring that Talos Energy partners with other companies to make the project a success. The timing of the commencement of the program is set on a trajectory that is in line with the goal of Talos Energy to improve efficient energy across the globe.

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Touring Brazil – As Told By Guilherme Paulus

Planning a trip is nothing like what they show on the big screen. Spontaneity can only take you so far, and by that, I mean only till the actual location. Everything after that has to be preplanned. Sure the actors on television somehow manage to make it work through a series of crazy, wild antics and mishaps, but the real world doesn’t work like that. Planning a trip has to be highly calculated: from costs to sightseeing, you have to be incredibly active for that. However, I didn’t say all of this to stray you from the idea of traveling. Quite the contrary. What if instead of asking people like friends and family to give either their first-hand experience or their general knowledge of a country, such as Brazil, you ask the man who practically runs the game – Guilherme Paulus.

Guilherme Paulus is the founder of CVC Tours and CJP Hotels and Resorts. Guilherme Paulus is a true insider when it comes to information regarding all the sights to be explored in Brazil along with specifically catered packages to meet your needs. The following is a quick extract from Guilherme Paulus travel guide which will most certainly help you in planning your next trip to Brazil.

Let’s begin with the most populous city of Brazil which is also the cosmopolitan capital of the nation, São Paulo. When in São Paulo, you must visit its art museums to witness the truly exquisite artworks from all over the world. Museums such as Museu Afro-Brasil as well as the Museum of Contemporary Art. Paulista Avenue is a true testimony to the city’s culture. A walk along Paulista Avenue will allow you to witness the incredible architecture of Brazil.

Following up, we have a city most of us are familiar with – Rio de Janeiro. This city is known for its beautiful Ipanema Beach. Travelers are advised to not pass by Rio de Janeiro without spending at least a day at the beach for a day of superb sailing, kiteboarding, and surfing. The city boasts about sixty-five miles of beach which houses famous sights such as Copacabana and Ipanema.

About Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus is the managing partner of Serrano resort convention and spa hotel and the Alpenhaus Gramado as well as the Castle Saint Andrew, all located in Gramado. He is also a member of the Brazilian Tourism Council and president of the GJP Participacoes which runs the GJP hotels and resorts. Before he founded get CVC project, Guilherme Paulus was a travel agent for the Faro Turismo House. He is also the President of International Relations of the ABAV and the current Chair of the BOD of the Sao Paulo convention and visitors bureau. All of this positions, Guilherme Paulus had earned by his hard work which has got him recognition in the country and the world.

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How Talkspace Has Revolutionized the Treatment of Depression

Michael Phelps’ journey in depression was in the recent past one of the most discussed new item around the world. The Michael Phelps story, however, was the global turn point where the talk on depression and mental health was brought on a global space. He is currently on a journey to provide millions of people with actionable and the best solution to depression and mental health. Through his collaboration with the Talkspace, he has been able to reach many people suffering from depression and mental health and in return, give them a soft landing to therapy and medication. The online platform according to pundits challenges the traditional way of accessing help and by large extent simplify obtaining help.

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Many factors make Talkspace the ultimate platform for therapy. First, as a platform, there is a systematic way to evaluate the patient’s condition through new evaluation criteria. These evaluation criteria according to the Talkspace are done in different ways to give different patients an objective reflection of their state. Second, the platform has many professional therapists. The availability of over 3000 professionals provides the platform with the capability of handling many people as possible and therefore reducing the effect of depression and mental health cases. Thirdly, the platform structure makes it one of the best arrangements for better treatment. There is a window for endless messaging, and the platform gives patients a platform to ask questions or raise concerns without a limitation.

Apart from utilizing the website as their primary communication tool, it is impressive to note that Talkspace has one of the best social media presence in the world of corporates. Their twitter platform, for example, has been an integral part in disseminating information as well as sharing tips on mental health. Their numbers on social media I a clear indication that their efforts are impressive due to their large following and more importantly highly engaging timelines. In addition to having huge numbers on these platforms, it is remarkable to note that Talkspace has invested on professional assistance in these platforms and in case a social media raises a concern, it is addressed promptly.

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Getting to Your Best with the Dherbs Cleanse

The Dherbs Cleanse full body cleanse has taken the world by storm and already been used by millions of people. This cleanse is one of the best options for those who want to lose weight and feel great in the process. If you feel it is time to get into the best shape of your life, you can start by visiting Dherbs.com and checking out the full body Dherbs Cleanse. This cleanse totes a variety of amazing ingredients that work to eliminate the body of toxins and excess weight. This is going to help you to lose weight, with most people losing anywhere from roughly 10 to 40 pounds just by doing the cleanse once. Visit Dherbs on facebook to learn more about their platform

You will also find that doing the Dherbs Cleanse is easy and gentle on the system. There are no cramps involved and it is effortless to use even if you live a busy and hectic life. You will do the cleanse for around seven to 14 days and will then take a break. There are also many maintenance products available on the Dherbs.com site so that you are able to maintain the results that you have achieved thanks to the amazing ingredients that are readily available to you.

There are thousands of people right now who are using the Dherbs Cleanse with amazing results. The company is all about natural healing from the inside, out. Because of this, they have created a wide range of products like the full body Dherbs Cleanse to help with getting you to the best of your health and wellness. You will find that you don’t just look better with the cleanse, but you have the energy that you both need and want to tackle your busy life and spend time with everyone in your family when you want to be there for them.

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OSI Groups Partnership with McDonalds

Humans are the top meat consumers in the food chain; humans are also the top predators in the food chain. Our love for meat goes back since the discovery of fire. Fire has opened up a whole new world of cuisine and from the on the world of food has never been the same.

One of the most popular and extremely revolutionary pieces of culinary art is the hamburger. At first glance it might look like a simple piece of beef or meat in between two slices of bread, but this simple dish has swept the world by storm and has gained the love of meat enthusiasts worldwide. This dish has made stapled its name into every household and its presence is felt at every corner around the world. In fact, hamburgers are so revolutionary that it has built an industry around it alone.

One of the most successful and one of the most popular hamburger joints in the whole world is McDonald’s this company has built a booming business with its main seller: hamburgers. McDonald’s is popularly know for its juicy, tender, and signature hamburgers – they have so many fans worldwide that they sell about a million burgers per minute. Their presence is felt all around the world, and everyone is sure to have at least heard, seen and tasted of McDonald’s.

With McDonald’s serving millions of customers worldwide, they surely have a partner that supplies their meat and beef for their hamburger patties. And their particular partner is the OSI Group McDonalds they have been the company’s main meat supplier since the beginning. The OSI Group McDonalds is currently operating in over 35 countries worldwide and employs over 65,000 workers worldwide. The OSI Group McDonalds have also recently expanded their operations to the land of Spain, this will exponentially multiply their production and distribution and will better provide for McDonalds.

OSI Group Mcdonalds have definitely made a committed relationship with McDonalds and have displayed years of excellence and consistency. They are definitely a partnership that can serve as an ideal business model for partnerships that will be done in the future.

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Find Out Why Everyone Is Becoming Obsessed With Sunday Riley

Sunday Riley is a beauty company that is selling skin care products for many customers using pure and organic ingredients as well as quality packaging. One ingredient that is common in Sunday Riley products is retinol, which is pretty much vitamins that are applied directly to the skin. Sunday Riley also sells the Luna Sleeping Night Oil, which can be applied at night to help the skin stay moisturized and smooth on a regular basis. Sunday Riley’s Sleeping Night Oil is a popular product that has a pleasant smell and a blue color, all contained within elegant packaging. Because of the quality and care that goes into these products at Sunday Riley, they have quite the price tag on them. However, based on reviews, the price is well worth the results that can be gained with proper use of Sunday Riley’s beauty products. At Sunday Riley, customers can purchase all kinds of beauty products, such as balms, face oils, enzyme water cream, and lactic acid treatments.

Sunday Riley has spent years developing her products and going through the trial and error process to make them just right. The quality of the ingredients and their effectiveness is the major reason they are priced so high. According to Sunday, many people are accustomed to paying a high price for a major name brand, but this by no means the product is worthwhile. Still, Sunday Riley’s prices are actually affordable to some of the most expensive skin care products out there, which can range in the thousands of dollars.

Sunday Riley started her company in 2009 and she has been hard at work to advertise her brand ever since. One of her biggest avenues of traffic to her business is social media, which she has been using for as long as she’s been running her company. Sunday wants nothing but the best quality products to be apart of her product line, even if it means their products are limited. There is still a lot of potential in the skincare industry with many discoveries to be made and it is likely that Sunday will probably be responsible for some of them.

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Dr. Saad Saad Describes the Benefits of Vaccinations

 Dr. Saad has given his thoughts on vaccinations. He is aware that it has been a controversial topic for many parents. Dr. Saad Saad thinks the best way to have children vaccinated is to explain the procedure to parents. He emphasizes that vaccinations do not cause autism.

He also reassures parents that vaccinations do not contain dangerous toxins that can harm small children. He also knows the dangers of not vaccinating children. They can have dangerous repercussions for the greater health of a society. He cites an example from both America and Japan.

The spread of the deadly smallpox virus was completely eradicated thanks to the smallpox vaccines. It has now been eliminated in the States. However, he also cites the example from Japan where suspicion of vaccines caused the reemergence of whooping cough. It had almost been eradicated, but when parents stopped vaccinating their children, it caused a new spread of the disease.

Dr. Saad gives some of the best reasons for vaccinating children. There is a broader duty to society to vaccinate your child. Your child could spread the disease, and the decision you made about your child affects others. Dr. Saad Saad is a man of science, and he agrees with the CDC that vaccines are perfectly safe. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

He regrets that so much misinformation has been spread over the internet. If your child gets one of the diseases that he could have been vaccinated against, the child and the parent will spend time and money on hospital visits.

That does not even take into account the suffering their child will have. If people had not so forcefully vaccinated against smallpox, that disease would still be claiming lives, but as there was a concerted effort, the disease is completely gone.

There is a duty to prevent diseases from being passed on to the next generation. While there are a few exceptions, almost every child should be vaccinated against the diseases they could get. Dr. Saad Saad does not support any doctor who tells parents that it is not a good idea to have their child vaccinated.

JHSF: Decades of Real Estate Investing

JHSF is one of the most significant Brazilian real estate holding company. The firm started its operations in 1912, at a time when it was JHS. JHS was the first real estate company to go for recurrent income assets in the populous South American nation. Some of the assets the firm invested in included hotels, shopping malls, airports, etc.

JHSF has established bases in Brazil, the US, and Uruguay. Even so, its most significant assets are in Brazil. In total, the company’s real estate projects measure over 6 million square meters, while market value stands at R$1.2 billion.

The founders of JHS were two brothers known as Fabio and Jose Auriemo. They created the real estate firm with the help of two other partners. Starting, JHS primarily focused on real estate/ construction development. As fate would have it, JHS would split into two entities each run by one of the brothers. The companies were JHSF controlled by Fabio and JHSJ managed by Jose.

JHSF immersed itself into the world of luxurious developments. It focused on creating assets that targeted Brazil’s high-earning populace. One such asset is the Shopping Metro Santa Cruz. It is a mall located in Sao Paulo and has a subway station. Another luxurious development by JHSF is a mall known as Catarina Fashion Outlet. It is a luxurious establishment that houses several high-end fashion outlets.

The Sao Paulo Catarina Executive Airport is another significant development by JHSF. It is an airbase that caters for private and business people. All these developments were the first of their kind in Brazil. Looking at the long history of JHS (JHSF), you can say that the most significant period has been under President Jose Auriemo Neto’s watch.

Jose has risen through the ranks to lead the company that his father, Fabio Auriemo established. The reign of Jose is significant because it has seen JHSF grow to become a real estate giant. Jose Auriemo Neto is responsible for the company’s wings of Parkbem and the Shopping Center Department.

Parkbem runs a parking lot management business while the Shopping Center Department handles the several malls built by JHSF. At one point, Jose Auriemo Neto was the company CEO. It was a position that saw him manage the JHSF brand interests in public developments, office buildings, and hotels.

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