Talos Energy Announces That It Is Resuming the Zama Appraisal Programme

On the 29th of November 2019, Talos Energy announced that it was commencing the Zama-2 Appraisal program. This program will help Talos Energy come up with two wells, one sidetrack and at least three reservoir penetrations.

Talos Energy is planning to drill the first well in the Northern part of the discovery to confirm the oil water and collect information there. The important step for Talos Energy is to get information from the oil water so that they can have a better understanding of the reservoir’s support system. Talos Energy intends to deepen the Zama reserrvoi approximately 500 meters below to test the exploration prospect.

After this, Talos Energy will then follow this up by an up-dip vertical sidetrack from the main bore hold. Talos Energy will then come up with a second appraisal well. The well will be drilled to the south of the original well. The importance of doing this is to ensure that there is continuity of quality in that part of the field.

By the second quarter of 2019, Talos Energy hopes to have drilled all the wells in the Zama project. But Talos is hoping to work with local suppliers in Mexico to ensure that they garner support for all their operations in various critical services. In addition, engineers from the Mexico City office plan to help in the pre-FEED analysis that will help them identify development options.

Overall, Talos is planning to spend at least $250 million in ensuring that the appraisal program is quite successful and that it exceeds all the expectations of the National Content.

The CEO, Timothy Duncan, is working on ensuring that Talos Energy partners with other companies to make the project a success. The timing of the commencement of the program is set on a trajectory that is in line with the goal of Talos Energy to improve efficient energy across the globe.

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