Reasons Michael Lacey Is a Hero in the World of Mathematics

Not many scholars like furthering their education in the field of mathematics. However, some of the people who are passionate about mathematics have made this subject to get to the heights it has got to. A lot of discoveries have been made to improve the quality of the mathematics in various learning institutions. Among the few of the greatest mathematicians or math geniuses is Michael Lacey. He was born on 26th September in 1959. The field of mathematics must have known his name in a great way due to the immense contributions he has received courtesy of Lacey.


He is a man who has studied mathematics to its level best. In 1987, he attained his Ph.D. in mathematics from Illinois University under the supervision of Walter Philipp. Lacey was largely involved in the probability studies and projects in this university. When presenting his thesis, most people had problems that needed to be solved mathematically. This prompted Lacey to develop a formula that would help people the mathematical problems they came across. The formula he came up with was found to be quite effective especially in solving mathematical problems related to the Law of Iterated Logarithm.


Lacey has worked in some renowned universities like the North Carolina University and Louisiana State University in different capacities. While at North Carolina University, he did a lot of work on research to see whether the Central Limit Theorem would be proved. He moved to Indiana University from 1989 to 1996 where he got the opportunity to study Bilinear Hilbert Transform. It was the National Science Foundation that sponsored his studies in this institution. Afterward, the National Science Foundation gave Lacey a doctorate fellowship.


His previous made him solve Hilbert Transform comfortably. Within a short time, Lacey has received the Salem Prize for his devotion. Lacey, today, works at the GIT (Georgia Institute of Technology. He has been a professor of mathematics in this institution since 1996. His passion for mathematics had made him work with Xiaochum Li and this saw him earn the Guggenheim Fellowship. Lacey was an active member of the American Mathematical Society in 2012. He has also fully supported the research industry and has given education grants to many people.

Dick DeVos, Working His Way Through The Ranks At Amway

Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos whom is the co-founder of Amway. Dick DeVos has an extensive professional work history. He was born in Grand Rapids Michigan and as a child he remembers working for the family business. His childhood home had a basement equipped with many offices and he would meet and greet people and when the family would host conventions he would help with the cleanup and help direct guests around to various activities. This work requirement at a young age prepared Dick DeVos in a way he would later realize. As a youth he would speak to large groups of people and sometimes even provide product demonstrations. This gave him a sense of comfort and self-assurance.


After High School Dick DeVos attended Northwood University and earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration. He also attended Harvard Business School and Wharton School’s Executive study programs. Dick did not graduate from Harvard however he did go on to earn his honorary doctorates degrees from Northwood University, Grove City College and Central Michigan University.


In 1974 Dick DeVos officially began working at his family’s business. He held various positions in sales, finance, research and marketing. In 1984 he became the VP at Amway. Being the VP meant he had to oversee all business activities in 18 countries. During his tenure at Amway, Dick grew international sales from 5% to 50%. From 1993 to 2002 Dick Devos held the title of chief executive officer at Amway for consumer goods and distribution. In 1991 the DeVos family had acquired ownership of the Orlando Magic, his father Richard was the owner and president of the team. In 2005 Dick DeVos and his father shared ownership in the Orlando Magic basketball team. In 2006 Dick DeVos ran for the position of Governor for the state of Michigan. He is currently the president of Amway and has successfully expanded the company’s operations to over fifty countries on six continents.


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Getting up close and personal with Betsy Devos

For many years, many people have believed that this is the land of equal opportunities to all; but truth be told, there has always been a glass ceiling that make it impossible for people of both genders to compete and achieve favorably in the world of work. Yet, despite the odds being against them, there are women who are breaking the glass ceiling daily and making it in the world that is dominated by men. One of these people is Betsy Devos. Betsy has been an entrepreneur, an activist in educational matters and a lover of charitable causes.

Betty was Born Elisabeth on the 8th of January 1958. Her childhood was spent in Holland, Michigan. Her father was a billionaire industrialist who had originally come from Holland and started the Prince Corporation. The company is believed to have been one of the best employers in the city and it is said that there was a time that he had more than two thirds of the city’s population in his payroll. The company sells spare parts and other related wares in the city. Betsy attended the high school in Holland and later proceeded to the Calvin College. She enrolled for a business administration and political science course at the University. She was very active in college politics when she was there. He background was strongly religious and conservative. For the longest time, she was a congregant at the Christian Reformed Church of North America. Her religious leanings have always been part of her political agenda.

Since the 1980’s she has been an active member of the Michigan Republican Party Chapter. Betsy is not the kind of person to keep quiet when matters close to her heart seem to be going wrong. She was very vocal in the just concluded elections and was later appointed to the position of Education Secretary by President Trump. Her appointment comes from the fact that she has always strongly stood for the things she believes in and has never equivocated on her stands.

Educational activism

One of the things that Betsy strongly believes in is educational equality for all the people. Her stands are what made her the most suitable candidate for the office she currently holds. She stated that things had been wrong for so many years and status quo was no longer what America needed at the time. Check this related article from


Betsy DeVos takes part in many philanthropic causes. These include the Dick and Betsy Devos foundation that she started with her husband. With the initiative, she aims to transform the community by instilling leadership, a sense of community, arts, justice and better educational standards. It is her deepest believe that when the less fortunate get an equal access to opportunities, the entire society wins. Follow Betsy on