Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere Featured in Inspirely

Doe Deere is one of the coolest ladies I have ever heard of. She is the owner and founder of one of the coolest makeup companies I have ever used. The brand is called Lime Crime and it showcases some of the absolute best and luxurious makeup – especially lipstick – that I have ever had the pleasure of using. Not only is the brand affordable, but it is absolutely luscious. As a vegan, I appreciate the fact that ever single item is vegan-friendly and that the entire company is cruelty-free.


One of my favorite things about Doe Deere is that she has never waivered in her commitment to be absolutely sure that her products were always able to be used by vegans and never tested on animals. In fact, her makeup is approved by PETA and the Leaping Bunny association.


Doe Deere was recently featured in an article on Inspirely that utilized a very interesting question and answer format that helped me learn some more about her background and about how Lime Crime came into existence. She told the story of how Lime Crime was developed and I loved hearing the story of how one woman followed her passion and now there is a great line of fun and funky makeup being sold all over the world, and especially to me.


In Doe Deere’s story, she mentions she has always been passionate and highly interested in two things: makeup and fairy tales. She even says she chose the name Lime Crime because it seemed like one of the rhymes that often appear in fairy tales. She said she likes how these rhymes in fairy tales seem to be just for fun. Lime Crime was originally meant to be a clothing company, as Doe Deere has always created her own clothing since she was a little girl. However, when she was studying at a fashion institute, she began to question if clothing was meant to be her life’s work or if it was more of a hobby.


The story goes on that she began designing her own makeup for the simple reason that she could not find the colors and richness she was looking for to do her own makeup. She quickly realized that there were a lot of people out there who were looking for exactly the same style of makeup that she was. Thus, Lime Crime was born and people loved the brand.


The Lime Crime fan base has been said to be almost like a cult of makeup customers. They are incredibly passionate about Lime Crime’s products and go absolutely crazy each time that a new product comes out. For example, Lime Crime just released a line of eyeshadows that are created to look exactly like the ‘90s rage toy, the Polly Pocket. Lime Crime and Doe Deere are never afraid to do things like this and to step out of the box. Perhaps that is one of the reasons that the company has been so successful and developed such a loyal fan base.


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