The Inspiration of Rodrigo Terpins

The brothers Rodrigo and Michel Terpins have been racing cars as a team now for over 15 years. The two are part of the multiple award-winning Bull Sertoes Rally Team, Brazil’s most popular racing team. Rodrigo is the eldest brother of these two world-class drivers. The brothers are the sons of the famous Brazilian basketball of the 70s, Jack Terpin (popularly known as Jackao). Jackao began his career in the 60s playing for Herbraica. In 1991 he was its Sports Director. The sons clearly inherited their father’s passion for excelling in a sport.

Rodrigo Terpins is also like his father in that he is a successful businessman. One of the things that have inspired to do so well in racing is a shared desire to honor their dad. The longest race of the rally in which both brothers compete is a race that passes through several Brazilian states. It is one of the largest off-road events in the world. It is so surprising that as successful that he has become at racing and public popularity, that Rodrigo has maintained such a humble but passionate commitment to family. He mentored his brother after he joined the team in 2002 and as a result, his brother has become equally great.

With the help of his brother, Rodrigo Terpins is the current leader of the Brazilian T1 championship. In addition, Michel has won the Mitsubishi competition multiple times. In the recent rally, Rodrigo raced with Fabrício Bianchini, placing eighth in an intense lineup of 30 other competitors. Just as the brothers have a passion for family, their family shares a passion for racing. As the eldest son in racing, Rodrigo is doing an excellent job making this a lasting piece of the family heritage. He is an inspiration not only to his family but to millions of race fans.