The Legal Practice of Helane Morrison in the Government and Private Sector

Helane Morrison is an experienced professional in the legal industry who currently works for the Hall Capital Partners LLC. Hall is a leading advisory company that is headquartered in San Francisco. She serves the firm as the MD and a General Counsel. Morrison joined the private company in November 2007, and she has served it in different capacities. She was the chief compliance officer and also a member of its executive committee. Hall Capital has been successful in San Francisco due to the honesty that it brings to the corporate world.


Before being hired by Hall Capital Partners LLC, Helane Morrison had worked for the Securities and Exchange Commission from 1996 to 2007. Her first position at the organization was serving as the head of enforcement programs, and she held the office from 1996 to 1999. She was in charge of corporate probes that were conducted by the commission.


Helane was promoted to serve as the chief of the SEC’s San Francisco district. Her tenure in office lasted from 1999 to 2007. She oversaw the organization’s regulatory issues, securities law enforcement, and business fraud cases in areas that were under her jurisdiction. Her office ran SEC activities in Northern California and the five Northwest States.


The attorney has also worked for organizations such as the Regional Parks Foundation, where she is a board member. She is also part of the American Bar Association’s sub-council, which is known as the Hedge Fund. Helane has been a part-time speaker and has focused on compliance and legal matter that affect private funds and investment advisors.


Morrison studied journalism at the Chicago-based Northwestern University. She then joined the University of California’s school of law to pursue her Juris Doctor. When she was still studying law, she was hired by the University of California to serve as the California Law Review’s editorial leader. Helane kicked off her career in 1984 by working as a law clerk for Hon. Richard Posen and Justice Harry Blackmun. In 1986, she was hired by Rice, Canady, Howard, Nemerovski, Falk & Rabkin and was named partner in 1991. She served as part of the Bar Association of San Francisco (BASF) Judiciary Committee from 1991 to 2001.