OSI Groups Partnership with McDonalds

Humans are the top meat consumers in the food chain; humans are also the top predators in the food chain. Our love for meat goes back since the discovery of fire. Fire has opened up a whole new world of cuisine and from the on the world of food has never been the same.

One of the most popular and extremely revolutionary pieces of culinary art is the hamburger. At first glance it might look like a simple piece of beef or meat in between two slices of bread, but this simple dish has swept the world by storm and has gained the love of meat enthusiasts worldwide. This dish has made stapled its name into every household and its presence is felt at every corner around the world. In fact, hamburgers are so revolutionary that it has built an industry around it alone.

One of the most successful and one of the most popular hamburger joints in the whole world is McDonald’s this company has built a booming business with its main seller: hamburgers. McDonald’s is popularly know for its juicy, tender, and signature hamburgers – they have so many fans worldwide that they sell about a million burgers per minute. Their presence is felt all around the world, and everyone is sure to have at least heard, seen and tasted of McDonald’s.

With McDonald’s serving millions of customers worldwide, they surely have a partner that supplies their meat and beef for their hamburger patties. And their particular partner is the OSI Group McDonalds they have been the company’s main meat supplier since the beginning. The OSI Group McDonalds is currently operating in over 35 countries worldwide and employs over 65,000 workers worldwide. The OSI Group McDonalds have also recently expanded their operations to the land of Spain, this will exponentially multiply their production and distribution and will better provide for McDonalds.

OSI Group Mcdonalds have definitely made a committed relationship with McDonalds and have displayed years of excellence and consistency. They are definitely a partnership that can serve as an ideal business model for partnerships that will be done in the future.

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Find Out Why Everyone Is Becoming Obsessed With Sunday Riley

Sunday Riley is a beauty company that is selling skin care products for many customers using pure and organic ingredients as well as quality packaging. One ingredient that is common in Sunday Riley products is retinol, which is pretty much vitamins that are applied directly to the skin. Sunday Riley also sells the Luna Sleeping Night Oil, which can be applied at night to help the skin stay moisturized and smooth on a regular basis. Sunday Riley’s Sleeping Night Oil is a popular product that has a pleasant smell and a blue color, all contained within elegant packaging. Because of the quality and care that goes into these products at Sunday Riley, they have quite the price tag on them. However, based on reviews, the price is well worth the results that can be gained with proper use of Sunday Riley’s beauty products. At Sunday Riley, customers can purchase all kinds of beauty products, such as balms, face oils, enzyme water cream, and lactic acid treatments.

Sunday Riley has spent years developing her products and going through the trial and error process to make them just right. The quality of the ingredients and their effectiveness is the major reason they are priced so high. According to Sunday, many people are accustomed to paying a high price for a major name brand, but this by no means the product is worthwhile. Still, Sunday Riley’s prices are actually affordable to some of the most expensive skin care products out there, which can range in the thousands of dollars.

Sunday Riley started her company in 2009 and she has been hard at work to advertise her brand ever since. One of her biggest avenues of traffic to her business is social media, which she has been using for as long as she’s been running her company. Sunday wants nothing but the best quality products to be apart of her product line, even if it means their products are limited. There is still a lot of potential in the skincare industry with many discoveries to be made and it is likely that Sunday will probably be responsible for some of them.

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Dr. Saad Saad Describes the Benefits of Vaccinations

 Dr. Saad has given his thoughts on vaccinations. He is aware that it has been a controversial topic for many parents. Dr. Saad Saad thinks the best way to have children vaccinated is to explain the procedure to parents. He emphasizes that vaccinations do not cause autism.

He also reassures parents that vaccinations do not contain dangerous toxins that can harm small children. He also knows the dangers of not vaccinating children. They can have dangerous repercussions for the greater health of a society. He cites an example from both America and Japan.

The spread of the deadly smallpox virus was completely eradicated thanks to the smallpox vaccines. It has now been eliminated in the States. However, he also cites the example from Japan where suspicion of vaccines caused the reemergence of whooping cough. It had almost been eradicated, but when parents stopped vaccinating their children, it caused a new spread of the disease.

Dr. Saad gives some of the best reasons for vaccinating children. There is a broader duty to society to vaccinate your child. Your child could spread the disease, and the decision you made about your child affects others. Dr. Saad Saad is a man of science, and he agrees with the CDC that vaccines are perfectly safe. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

He regrets that so much misinformation has been spread over the internet. If your child gets one of the diseases that he could have been vaccinated against, the child and the parent will spend time and money on hospital visits.

That does not even take into account the suffering their child will have. If people had not so forcefully vaccinated against smallpox, that disease would still be claiming lives, but as there was a concerted effort, the disease is completely gone.

There is a duty to prevent diseases from being passed on to the next generation. While there are a few exceptions, almost every child should be vaccinated against the diseases they could get. Dr. Saad Saad does not support any doctor who tells parents that it is not a good idea to have their child vaccinated.

JHSF: Decades of Real Estate Investing

JHSF is one of the most significant Brazilian real estate holding company. The firm started its operations in 1912, at a time when it was JHS. JHS was the first real estate company to go for recurrent income assets in the populous South American nation. Some of the assets the firm invested in included hotels, shopping malls, airports, etc.

JHSF has established bases in Brazil, the US, and Uruguay. Even so, its most significant assets are in Brazil. In total, the company’s real estate projects measure over 6 million square meters, while market value stands at R$1.2 billion.

The founders of JHS were two brothers known as Fabio and Jose Auriemo. They created the real estate firm with the help of two other partners. Starting, JHS primarily focused on real estate/ construction development. As fate would have it, JHS would split into two entities each run by one of the brothers. The companies were JHSF controlled by Fabio and JHSJ managed by Jose.

JHSF immersed itself into the world of luxurious developments. It focused on creating assets that targeted Brazil’s high-earning populace. One such asset is the Shopping Metro Santa Cruz. It is a mall located in Sao Paulo and has a subway station. Another luxurious development by JHSF is a mall known as Catarina Fashion Outlet. It is a luxurious establishment that houses several high-end fashion outlets.

The Sao Paulo Catarina Executive Airport is another significant development by JHSF. It is an airbase that caters for private and business people. All these developments were the first of their kind in Brazil. Looking at the long history of JHS (JHSF), you can say that the most significant period has been under President Jose Auriemo Neto’s watch.

Jose has risen through the ranks to lead the company that his father, Fabio Auriemo established. The reign of Jose is significant because it has seen JHSF grow to become a real estate giant. Jose Auriemo Neto is responsible for the company’s wings of Parkbem and the Shopping Center Department.

Parkbem runs a parking lot management business while the Shopping Center Department handles the several malls built by JHSF. At one point, Jose Auriemo Neto was the company CEO. It was a position that saw him manage the JHSF brand interests in public developments, office buildings, and hotels.

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International and Domestic Influence of the OSI Group

OSI Group LLC, is a privately held company that produces and provides food products to food services and for high retail brands. They process mainly meat products such as beef, poultry, and pork. In addition, they also produce pizzas, baked snacks, hot dogs, some fried foods, sandwich assembly, and sausage products. Started in 1909, the company is based in Aurora, Illinois, and currently has offices in the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific.Most people do not consider the actual source of the food products they purchase, whether in the grocery store or even more so in a restaurant. OSI Group is a major leading food supplier of the foods that many brand name labels in stores sell, and that many restaurants serve.

This can be a very positive methodology for mass food distribution because it allows for easier tracking of food for safety, and it allows restaurants to have more consistent of quality food items in several locations nationwide and worldwide.OSI Group has been steadily growing as company, and now in current times, the company’s expansion and reach are as impressive as its nearly 100-year lifespan. The company has acquired controlling stake in Baho Food, a Dutch company. They have also purchased Flagship Europe, and has taken over the company’s poultry, pie, and condiment production, thus expanding OSI Group’s range of products.But OSI Group not only has expanded interests internationally.

The company recently in 2016 purchased a plant originally owned by Tyson Foods that was on the verge of being shut down.They not only bought the plant, but also allowed the 500 employees to retain their jobs if they so desired. In addition, the OSI supports charities such as Feeding America and the Ronald McDonald House.Such long-lived success can be attributed to many things. OSI Group has maintained high quality levels through technological advances in monitoring and checking food products. They have engaged in extensive food market research, following what people are looking for in food choices. And perhaps most importantly, the company has continually maintained personal relationships with their sources, employees, and customers.

David McDonald Recognizes The Importance Of Establishing Good Relationships

Further Expansion In Europe

OSI Group LLC purchased a Dutch manufacturer that deals with convenience foods, deli meats, and snacks. The manufacturer is called Baho Food. They did not release the financial information from the transaction. David McDonald said the addition of Baho Food to the company’s Europe branch boosts OSI’s strengths and broadens its capabilities to provide the best product service to its customers with ever changing needs.

Looking Forward To Collaboration

Baho comes with five subsidiaries. It also has processing plants in the Netherlands and Germany. The five subsidiaries are serving customers across 18 European countries. Baho Food will retain its managing director John Balvers as well as his management team. They will collaborate with executives at OSI and create a working growth strategy for the new merge. Mr. Balvers has mentioned he’s excited about the collaboration especially since OSI has a great relationship with its suppliers and customers. The combination of the two companies broadens the ability to serve customers. There is now a larger product portfolio.

OSI Culture

David McDonald says all employees at OSI have a shared goal of meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Patience is very important. One benefit of OSI remaining a private company is the fact that there is flexibility for the solutions the company offers. There is time to evaluate the big picture and then take the time to build solid relationships.

Being Successful Across The Globe

According to David McDonald success begins with the ability to make good partnerships. Each partner at OSI has enough knowledge about the business practices and company culture. This is the case is all locations. Each partner is also in close proximity to the customers they serve. This helps OSI create a strong balance that has an impact on each decision. It’s important to be successful in all areas so the company can scale globally.

Building The Relationship In China

David McDonald says building long-term relationships with the Chinese market is how OSI has been able to be successful there. In China, OSI’s flexibility has helped a lot. OSI has been able to understand the Chinese culture, remain true to company principles and still deliver products with great quality products . Building the relationship took lots of personal time, but since OSI has 20 years of experience they were wiling to trust OSI to listen to their needs.

Dick DeVos: A Community-Involved Business Leader

In 1991, there was an idea being floated in the Grand Rapids, Michigan, business community of building a multi-purpose arena north of the city. Dick Devos, who was working his way up in Amway, the company founded by his family, at the time, was against the idea. He had seen firsthand the devastation to the Detroit community when Detroit’s professional sports teams moved their games to facilities away from the downtown in the 1970’s, and he didn’t want the same thing happening in Grand Rapids.


His lobbying led to the formation of the group Grand Action, which over the years has been highly effective at fighting sprawl and led to the construction of numerous community centers, stores and other buildings in the Grand Rapids downtown. As a result, the downtown is now thriving economically and has an impressive skyline.


Dick Devos has also long been involved on the state and national levels when it comes to advocating for the causes he cares about. He was a key figure behind Michigan’s move towards becoming a state where union membership is not a condition for employment, and he has given substantially to Republican efforts across the nation.


About Dick DeVos


Dick DeVos is one of the heirs to the Amway family fortune and has worked in a leadership role for the Amway corporation for much of his adult life; he is now the CEO of his own business firm, The Windquest Group. Outside of his financial work, he is an accomplished pilot and was recently appointed to serve on the civilian panel that oversees the Federal Aviation Administration. Married to Education Secretary and Charter School advocate Betsy Devos, he has long been a key player in pushing for changes in laws pertaining to labor and education.


One of his proudest achievements was the work he did to promote the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids. Along with other business leaders, Dick Devos worked behind the scenes to attract Southwest Airlines to the airport, and this has been a tremendous boon for Western Michigan in general and Grand Rapids in particular.


Working with his wife, Dick Devos combined his passions for aviation and education by co-founding the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010. This academy prepares students for careers in the aviation industry; Devos himself is licensed to fly helicopters, single-engine airplanes and jets.


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Ted Bauman Is Educating Investors At Banyan Hill Publishing

Banyan Hill Publishing is a respected source of financial and investing information that hundreds of thousands of users tune into on a monthly basis through the internet. Ted Bauman is also a respected financial advisor and dedicated economist that has been working for Banyan Hill for more than five years. Since Ted Bauman joined Banyan Hill in 2013, he has spent the majority of his time as an editor for the company, leaving behind his life of traveling.Ted Bauman has mostly focused on non-profit organizations throughout his working career and he gained a substantial amount of financial knowledge while working in South Africa and Asia.

While it is less so in the United States, many people are suppressed by higher powers like the government in their countries, which keeps people in poor conditions, living day to day. Ted is out to help as many people as he can through his investment knowledge to overcome the obstacles that keep the little guy down.While most people are not dealing with government oppression in the United States, there are major corporations and wealthy individuals that actually make it harder for others to a business success. This is mostly due to greed since more people being at the bottom means more money for the people at the top.

Ted Bauman is first and foremost an economist and wants to see more equal distribution around the nation. Much of his business advice is designed specifically to help the average investor or business owner to make profits and become financially independent.At Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted writes on a regular basis for thousands of readers that tune in weekly to read his investment newsletters. Ted is the editor for many different publications these days, including the Plan B Club, the Bauman Letter, and Alpha Stock. With a little bit of writing every day, Ted is helping thousands of people live better lives all over the country.

JD.com Brilliant Solution to Slow Deliveries

In the last 20 years, JD.com has not only been consistent in keeping customers safe from counterfeit goods but has also invested heavily in delivery systems. For example, the company was the first online retailer entity to experiment on drone deliveries. Since deliveries are one of the ways JD.com makes contact with the customers, it has been exploring ways to improve efficiency in deliveries. One of the ways the company is currently exploring includes underground delivery system.The project is timely because of the following reasons. First, China, similar many countries lose billions of dollars each year from traffic jams. Delivery vans being stuck in traffic is part of the massive losses China and other countries experience every year.

Fortunately, the system will ease JD.com losses through traffic. This system will not only help the company and consumers save money through alternative delivery method but also offer timely deliveries.There has been a lot of debate on the possibility of a cost-effective 24 hours delivery system. With this system, JD.com will be the first entity to offer affordable and fast delivery services. The system has a great potential in solving the global warming reality if other counties can adopt it.Since JD.com believes in research, they invited the best institutions in China to contribute to the project. Some of the institutions include Beijing Wuzi University, Beijing Jiaotong University, and Shanghai Municipal (Engineering Design) Institute.

The institutions have a high business reputation in designing and modifying projects to fit the desired market value. Some of the areas they will be working on include the following. First, the institutions will explore possible ways to make a relatively affordable system and second, they will explore on how the new project will use the available infrastructure.Is this the future of e-commerce? The answer is a resounding yes. Chinese cities, just like cities around the business world are becoming more complex every day. The population is also increasing each year. A futurist approach to minimizing traffic of goods is important. In addition, the system will be more secure compared to the available means of transporting goods. Furthermore, urban space can be put into more use.

How Sheldon Lavin Became A Leader In The Food Industry

It was in 1975 that Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group. He was a graduate of finance school and had been working in the financial industry for years as a business consultant. He was a financial consultant to OSI Group and did such a fine job that this company’s management and their biggest customer, McDonald’s, wanted him to take over as the CEO and chairman.

He decided against this course of action but, eventually, they persuaded him that it would be an excellent opportunity for him. Sheldon Lavin says that they were able to change his mind and so he took over as the top executive of OSI Group and took an ownership position. He eventually bought all of the outstanding interest in the company and wholly owns it to this day. Visit Sheldon Lavin at about.me

Sheldon Lavin says that there were three main reasons for why he decided to take over OSI Group’s operations. The first was that he discovered he was pretty talented at expanding a company’s operations. The second was a desire to make a larger positive impact in the world than he could as a financier. The third was that he really believed in OSI Group and could identify how he could grow it into an international brand.

And grow OSI Group is exactly what he did. It has facilities in 17 countries and employs around 20,000 people. He has made multiple acquisitions over the years such as Amick Farms of Batesburg, South Carolina, Flagship Europe in England, Baho Foods in the Netherlands, Hynek Schlachthof GmbH of Germany, and more. He has also partnered with many other food processing companies around the world in joint partnerships.

His propensity for growth led to India’s Vision World Academy honoring Sheldon Lavin in 2016 with their Global Visionary Award for being an entrepreneur whose passion led to global success. In the prior year, the RSM US LLP organization gave him their Lifetime Achievement Award for all he has done for the Chicago business community.

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