Jim Tananbaum Uses Healthcare And Investment Expertise To Fund Technology

Mindstrong Health is promoting their exciting new neurological based platform that will have the ability to monitor brain function. In a recent report by PatientDaily, they announced that in the first round of funding, they were able to collect $14 million from investors including Foresite Capital, ARCH Venture Partners, Optum Ventures and One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund. This technology tracks the interaction patterns monitored in smartphones and compares that against cognitive brain function recording detected while the device is in use. This technology allows Mindstrong to collect information on mood, cognition, and digital biomarkers. Brain function can be detected while the average use of smartphone, so just checking social media and scrolling up and down will be worthwhile.

This AI based technology has the potential to completely change the way mental health is viewed and it will provide relief for those who suffer from mental disorders. Scientists currently have a very limited understanding of mental health and this will allow them to collect for detailed data on the subject. This will allow the process of diagnosing mental illnesses to be more accurate and clinical. Mindstrong Health hopes to encourage the study and improved understand of the brain function and how it relates to mental disorders. This collection of information from Google will allow the healthcare community to better understand how the brain works and provide solutions for treatment.

Jim Tananbaum is the CEO and founder of Foresite Capital (see, linkedin.com), one of the companies that is invested in Mindstrong Health’s new cognitive technology. Jim began his interested in the progressive investing and healthcare world when he attended Yale, Harvard Medical, Harvard Business, and MIT. After that he went on to work in the healthcare, investing, and entrepreneurial industries where he now has 25 years of experience. He is very focused on the potentials for healthcare franchises and operational opportunities in the business sector of the healthcare industry.

Jim was honored by being recognized by Forbes magazine as an accomplished investors as he was added to their Midas List in 2017. He is responsible for founding and aiding various healthcare franchises that are aimed toward innovation and progressive ideals.

Check out his website: officialjimtananbaum.com.

End Citizens United Works to Combat Big Money in Politics

End Citizens United, a non profit organization developed to financially and politically oppose the 2015 Supreme Court ruling allowing corporations to advertise for documentaries produced during political campaigns, has recently become the topic of media speculation for its participation in advocacy efforts. The organization’s founder, Ron Barber, recently discussed ways in which American citizens could actively participate in the process of getting the Citizens United ruling overturned and effectively restoring the electoral process to the American people.



End Citizens United was developed in 2015 as a direct response to the ruling of the Supreme Court in the Citizens United vs. Federal Election Committee case. Citizens United is a conservative non-profit organization that produces a wide variety of right wing documentaries and literature in an effort to influence voters during election seasons and high ranking news cycles. The Citizens United Supreme Court case revolved around the conservative non-profit’s release of an anti-Clinton documentary detailing the criminal activities of both Bill and Hillary Clinton. The legality of the development of the documentary was not in question in this case. The Federal Election Committee argued that End Citizens United should not be allowed to promote their documentary and other political material because of the corporate status of the organizations. Since the development of Campaign Reform Act of 2012, corporations had received very strict regulations on their contributions to the campaigns of various politicians. The court ruling of the Citizens United case effectively limited the power of the Campaign Reform Act and maintained that corporations could market their own products even when the products were politically associated. End Citizens United was developed as a tool to ensure that limits be placed on campaign contributors.


Affiliated Programs and Impact

Since its inception in 2015, End Citizens United has actively engaged big corporations and lobbyists to end what they see as the detrimental effect of the Citizens United Supreme Court Ruling. End Citizens United has employed several notable politicians and government workers to expand the mission of the organization. Democrats like Jessica Vanden, Christopher Massicotte, Lanae Erikson, and Simone Ward all work to promote the welfare of American citizens with regard to the United States electoral process. To date, the political organization has become responsible for the initiation of several advocacy programs and legislative measures aimed at the destruction of corporate involvement in the electoral college. The company’s founder related the expression that it is incredibly evil for American corporations to be considered as individuals in the process which chooses the people who will govern them and the American people.


Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani is famous for being the CEO and the Executive Chairman at DAMAC Properties Co. LLC. He is the Chairman in different other sectors. Such include DAMAC Holding LLC, Al Jazeira Services Co. SAOG, and Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co. the firm was founded in 1992 as a group dealing specializing in catering. The group’s headquarters is based in Dubai.

Considering the Hussain Sajwani family, his father worked in Deira district at the same time handling numerous real estate projects in Dubai. His mother hawked products to the ladies and women within her surroundings. Hussain Sajwani began working at his father’s watch shop at the age of three. He was thus able to realize the challenges faced by businessmen. The fact that his father worked acted as his source of inspiration to him.

Being the eldest son, his father wanted him to get into the family business without completing high school and university. The DAMAC Owner is currently married and is a father of four. In consideration of his career achievements, he started working as a contract manager at GASCO.

This was immediately after the completion of his degree from the University of Washington. After a short while, he proceeded into Abu Dhabi National Oil Company to work as a subsidiary. He had an urge to become a prosperous businessman.

He, therefore, developed his private business in 1982 under the name DAMAC due to the talented skills and hard work that he had. Learn more about Hussein Sajwani: http://www.hoteliermiddleeast.com/23813-the-rise-and-rise-of-damac/

DAMAC Owner also created ZDICO invest in 1992, which is a venture company as well as the Al Jazeera Services Co SAOG which has a capitalization worth more than $125 million. Also, he is also a member of the Council at the New York’s Majan University College. At the moment, he is worth $3.5 billion.

The expectations are that they have combined plans ahead particularly in the sector of real estate through the utilization of the companies with the DAMAC being the leading of all the others.

Omar Boraie Development Is Making New Jersey Better

Boraie Development is making New Jersey a better place to live using the development principles that Omar started long ago. According to Patch, there are many ways that Omar is building in New Jersey, and he believes in helping people live better lives with new buildings that will fill out a community.

#1: Multi-Use Properties

There are many multi-use properties that may be used to help grow a community from the ground up. Someone who lives in the area may get a better job because of the retail and commercial developments, and there are quite a few people who may find a better place to live. The places that people are moving to will bring them very close to their jobs, and they will live in a closed community that gives them all that they need.

#2: Added Commerce

Central Jersey Working Moms has reported that there are many added jobs and job opportunities in the area when Omar builds. Omar believes that he may bring in a number of different companies that are willing to work with him, and they will open offices in the area. They offer jobs to people in the area, and they help support the community by growing their businesses in that location.

#3: New Places To Live

Omar builds residential units because he knows that every person working in the area needs a place to live. Someone who wishes to have a lovely time living in this place may have their whole life contained in a small area.

#4: Moving Around The State

There are quite a few people in Newark, Atlantic City and New Brunswick who are benefiting from what Omar has done. He has his home base in New Brunswick, and he knows that there are many more places that he may build. He will continue to build until there is a place for everyone to live and work.

Omar Boraie has created a beautiful development strategy for New Jersey that takes him to many cities in the state. He wants to know that he is making an impact on the people who live and work in the cities where he builds.

See more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/omar-boraie#/entity


The Distinguished Career And Contributions Of Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright has built a reputation as a whiz in finances and economic strategies. He began working with the Newark Economic Development Corporation in 2015 and leads the company. The company fosters economic development in real estate throughout New Jersey.

Kevin’s experience in financial management is diverse and includes capital management, business processes management and accounting. He attended Mendoza College in Indiana and earned his Master in Business Administration.

Kevin’s work at Newark directly effects the economic growth of businesses by growing, attracting and preserving the businesses. He helps businesses diversify and encourages business startups. Learn more about Kevin Seawright: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevin-seawright-7869a052

He previously worked for the Commission on Aging and Retirement in Baltimore as a Fiscal Officer. His strategies cut expenses by around $100,000 with the implementation of his new system for accounting.

Kevin moved upwards through the ranks where he began as the Payroll Director. He was soon in the position of Director of Finance which led to him becoming the Chief Financial Officer.

Eventually Kevin was the Deputy Chief Operating Officer for the Education Department, the Department of Recreation and Parks, the Department of Housing and Community Development and the Housing Authority. His knowledge of business, unique team skills and proficiency were well demonstrated while he was working for the city of Baltimore.

Crunchbase reported that Kevin Seawright worked as a strategic partner in the private sector when he was with Tito Contractors. During his time with the company their revenue increased 25 percent. This was an exceptional accomplishment and is not common in business.

Kevin Seawright has been featured on numerous media outlets including the Market Watch, epodcastnetwork.com, the Market Wired and Worldclassmagazines.com. Market Wired magazine said he has an incredible reputation for his reorganizational skills in New Jersey businesses.

Kevin is a member of the board for the Babe Ruth Museum, a member of the American Society for Public Administration, the National Forum for Black Public Administrators, the National Association of Black Accountants and coaches a local sports team for youths.

His skill in finances combined with his professionalism won him the Bridges to the Future award in 2010.

A Look At How Sheldon Lavin Has Grown OSI Group Into An International Company

Sheldon Lavin began his professional career as a banker. He was working as a bank consultant in 1970 when he first became associated with a meat processing company, Otto & Sons.

This company needed financing in order to build a new plant that they needed in order to supply the fast food company McDonald’s as their Midwest supplier of fresh ground beef patties. After completing the deal and continued to serve Otto & Sons as a consultant. He joined the company’s management in the late 1970’s and eventually bought the company which has since been renamed OSI Group, LLC. Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman and Executive Officer of the company.

Sheldon Lavin is the person that has continually pushed for the company to get bigger and more diversified. In addition to McDonald’s, today they supply food to other fast food restaurants, and sit down restaurants, around the globe as well as grocery store private label brands. They supply far more than just fresh ground beef today and their processed foods range from vegetables, fruit, and fish to pizza, hot dogs, condiments, and dressings. The company is still privately held by Sheldon Lavin and according to Forbes has annual revenues of $6.1 billion.

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In 2016, Sheldon Lavin was honored by India’s Vision World Academy with their Global Visionary Award.

They noted that when he first became an executive at OSI Group the company was a regional food processing company. Under his leadership and vision, OSI Group now has facilities in 16 countries and its products are sold in 85 nations. OSI Group also employees more than 20,000 people. One of the company’s subsidiaries is OSI-Vista Processed Foods which was established in India in 1995 and has eight food processing plants in that country.

In addition to his work at OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin also serves Rush University Medical Center as their General Trustee.

Visit: https://www.rmhc.org/board-of-trustees

EOS lip balm and their Growing Success

Nearly 8 years ago before we knew it the chap stick and beauty industry would change before our eyes. Turning boring tubes of chap-stick into a fun designed and all organic tub of tasty lip balm. Evolution of Smooth known as (EOS) lip balms would sweep the market turning the industry of beauty products into even more of a profitable phenomenon. Celebrities all over the world would began to use this lip balm, and wouldn’t surprise me if you started to see mostly women of all ages owning these, however meant to be a unisex product. EOS lip balm’s come in an assortment of yummy flavors and colors. A few being Strawberry Sorbet, Passion Fruit, Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint and Honeysuckle Honeydew.

The incredible success of EOS lip balm has trumped all other manufacturers of chap stick in such a small amount of time, however equating to the 2nd most successful lip balm in the country. Keeping in mind these other companies have been around for so much longer such as Burt’s Bees, shows just how popular this Costco marketed product has become. EOS was co-founded by entrepreneur Craig Dubitsky and Jonathan Teller in 2009, with Sanjiv Mehra joining the team shortly thereafter. All-though Dubitsky helped get EOS where it is today, the company is doing just fine with co-founders Mehra and Teller as Dubitsky had stepped down to create his company known as Hello.

While founders of the company (https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/) were seeking ways to turn stores beauty sections into a classier and more unique experience, lip balm had seemed to be their go to category for seeking improvement. Mehra was deeply convinced that turning something as simple as chapstick into an enjoyable experience was important for consumers. By hiring a clay artist the company was successful in creating something as innovative and popular as the EOS lip balms now are. Not only had EOS created something so unique but they also were experts in marketing their product. Working with celebrities like Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus, as well as advertising in beauty magazines of all sorts. This was a wise strategy for the company target a demographic of younger women who use these products the most. The short term success EOS had seen has allowed them to partner and work with many other companies. EOS lip balm will remain on the market for a long time, and has yet to grow even bigger.

Securus Technologies Helps People Take A Proactive Approach to Fighting Crime

While we are still in the stage of solving and punishing crimes, there are actually forms of technology in development for preventing crimes. Securus technologies is especially working hard on the development of such technology. For one thing, people are realizing the importance of being proactive. One of the best things to be able to do is prevent crimes. With Securus Technologies, they will be able to achieve this level of justice. For one thing, they have the ability to track all of the phone calls made from the inmates. This allows them to get information about who they are talking to.


One of the reasons that this is a good thing is that it enables crime prevention. Often times, inmates have connections to gangs on the outside. Therefore, they often call their gang members in order to talk about other things that need to be done. The officers use this information that is gained from the technology used to tap calls so that they will be able to figure out ways to make sure that any criminal activity is stopped. This goes a long way towards making the world a lot safer for citizens.


However, Securus goes a lot further than just preventing crime. They also try to make sure that the inmates are getting rehabilitated. In most cases, they are not going to be in prison for life. Therefore, it is important for them to learn some skills and take care of what they need to do for when they eventually get back out into the world. One thing that could happen for people who are in prison or other correctional facilities is that they could become so used to life in prison that they need to learn how to adapt back into the real world. This could be made easier for people with programs put in prisons.


Construcap: Among the Best Real Estate Companies in Brazil Real Estate Companies in Brazil

Real estate in Brazil is always hot even when the economy has been shaky. This sector is one of Brazil’s leading industries on Catho.com. And furthermore, there are a plethora of real estate companies to choose from in Brazil. Some of the leading Brazilian real estate companies include Construcap, Brasil Brokers, PDG Realty, BHG Brazil Hospitality Group, Direcional Engenharia, Iguatemi Shopping Centers, General Shopping Brasil SA, MRV Engenharia, Multiplan Emprendimentos, and BR Malls. Office buildings and hotels are the main segments of Brazil’s real estate. Also, the real estate in Brazil is booming so much that private equity firms, venture capitalists, and even individuals are investing more in real estate in this country.

About Construcap

As mentioned before, Construcap is a leading real estate company of Brazil, and they are in construction as well. They are considered to one of the top ten leading construction companies according to simplestrawberry.com and their site, www.construcap.com.br. They have been in the business for several decades now, and they continuously develop various sustainable projects on jornalcruzeiro.com.br. They work with public and private markets for energy, infrastructure, and building. Their work is so well recognized that they attract much interests from a lot of foreign and local investors.

Construcap was found in 1944 by engineers, Henrique Pegado and Caio Luiz Pereira de Souza. And then in 1955, Construcap Engineering was found by engineers, Iório Adami, José Ribeiro do Valle, John Ulic Burke Jr., Júlio Capobianco, and José Mandacaru Guerra. In 1972 at http://empregocerto.uol.com.br/empresas/vagas-construcap-20618#rmcl, a merger occurred between Construcap Engenharia e Comércio SA and Cia. Construtora Pereira de Sousa which became Construcap CCPS Engenharia e Comico SA.

Stem Cell Treatment Saves Lives and at the Forefront of the Battle is the Lung Institute

Three words have been thrown around quite often every time alternative options for treating cancer has been mentioned. Stem cell therapy has been making headlines since it was first approved for public use and for good reasons. The breakthrough therapy is not only able to treat cancer but a slew of other degenerative diseases and may one day be the answer to curing most ailments that human beings face.

The power of stem cells is not one that has been created but rather it has just been noticed. Stem cells are a part of every living humans body from the moment of birth and actually play a significant role in your development during those early stages.

But what are stem cells?

If they are placed within the damaged structures of the lungs they began to collect and form new lung tissue, The same applies for every possible structure within the body, stem cells can easily adapt to become a part of a damaged system as they repair damaged tissue and promote cellular regeneration naturally.

Though there are many ways the stem cells can be collected and applied, the basic principle is that by focusing concentrated amounts of stem cells on damaged tissue, such as tissues destroyed by lung cancer, COPD, https://lunginstitute.com/lung-diseases/copd/, or other degenerative diseases, which soon act upon the damaged tissue to replace the damaged cells.

The therapy is the next step in the fight against degenerative diseases that often leave those afflicted with them with very little hope for complete recoveries and full returns to the lives they once had.

Essential to providing the life saving treatment to those that need it as well as furthering the progress made within the regenerative medicine treatment are the centers that provide the treatment to patients, such as the Lung Institute. Supplement Police.com describes the Lung Institute among other centers like it have been instrumentally in ensuring stem cell therapy is as effective as it has become.

To learn more about stem cell therapy please click here.

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Read what patients has to say: https://lunginstitute.com/testimonials/