Haroldo Jacobovicz

Haroldo Jacobovicz Says His Dream Was to Connect Low-Income Earning Brazilians to The Fastest Internet Before He Hit 60 Years

Many people in the world have dreams. Some of these people live to see their dreams fulfilled while a majority don’t. One such a person who has lived to see his dreams fulfilled is Haroldo, a Brazilian civil engineer. As a young boy, Haroldo Jacobovicz wanted to be what his parents were, civil engineers. Perhaps,…

Cloud Technology

DSI Announces That It’ll Offer Salesforce It’s Cloud Inventory Services

It was in mid-April last year when Data Systems International, a leading Cloud Inventory and Field Inventory provider announced that it was going to partner with Salesforce in its bid to offer various cloud inventory services. This is not the first time DSI has announced a partnership with other companies regarding its Cloud Inventory services….


Larry Baer Career Milestones

Influential people work their way up to the top. Very few individuals find short cuts to their success. Larry Baer, the Chief Executive Officer of The San Francisco Giants, has not had any short cuts to his thriving career. The visionary professional is also in business, and he finds ways of balancing his professional life…

Cloud Technology

Cloud Inventory Products

There’s a new wave of Cloud Inventory Products that are worth taking note of. Field Inventory Management, Manufacturing Materials, and Warehouse Inventory are three great examples of this new generation of tools. Each one offers unique features and benefits to help your business run smoother and become more efficient. Field Inventory Management is an excellent…