Chad Price, the Founder of Mak Healthcare.

Chad Price is the president and founder of the Mako medical facility. Mako health care is a non-profit medical Center that provides medical services, including pharmacy, laboratory, and other healthcare services. He began his interest in the lab field after noticing some lagging while waiting for his sister’s results.

Chad Price and Josh Arant, the founders of Mako Medical care, met while attending their bible study. They both had an interest in the business and God’s work. They shared their business interest and later on became business partners and founded Mako health care. Since they both had no experience in laboratory services, they used Google and God’s strategy to search for answers.

Chad Price Mako medical has been in operation for five years, creating advanced technologies and hiring military veterans. It is now expanding its lab services to a full-service health care Company. Chad Price Mako Medical health care has received recognition and awards for its extensive support and growth on the missionary work and its impact on society.

The high numbers of patients have turned into Chad Price Mako medical healthcare because of their quality services that match the customer’s needs and their use of advanced technology that makes delivering their health care services easy compared to other medical facilities. The main focus that Chad Price is focusing on as the executive manager of the Hospital is providing medical facilities in the rural areas.

Mako healthcare is a non-profit company, that directs part of its share profit to charitable organizations and missionaries.

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