DSI Announces That It’ll Offer Salesforce It’s Cloud Inventory Services

It was in mid-April last year when Data Systems International, a leading Cloud Inventory and Field Inventory provider announced that it was going to partner with Salesforce in its bid to offer various cloud inventory services. This is not the first time DSI has announced a partnership with other companies regarding its Cloud Inventory services.

With the new service, Salesforce’s clients will be able to enjoy extra navigation, which will allow them get the accurate data. Besides, users will aloe be able to integrate and capture most authentic data. For many years now, Salesforce has been in the forefront in ensuring its clients get the most of the company’s customer relationship management and other services.

However, there has always been a gap, which DSI seeks to improve through its Cloud Inventory’s services. Field inventory, a platform based on cloud is mobile-based. Thanks to the platform, subscribers are able to know the location and state of the tools of work such as inventories in real time. It is expected that with the new DSI-Salesforce partnership, it will be even faster for clients to access and know everything there is to know about their data.

Speaking during the announcement of the new partnership, DSI CEO and President Mark Goode said it is a thing the two companies have been planning for a long time. Goode added that CRM is one of the key components of in dealing with company clients. “CRM is one of the key factors that increase company productivity.

It is even important to companies that depend on field inventory services and by adding CFI to its menu, there is no doubt that customers will be happier,” Goode said. DSI, a leading cloud management company with its headquarters in Kansas has been championing for the field inventory welfare of many other organizations not only in Kansas but also across the United States. See this page for additional information.


More about Cloud Inventory on https://cloudinventory.medium.com/


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