Frances Townsend Monitored Foreign Intelligence Links

In 2006, the US, UK, and Pakistan worked together to thwart al-plans Qaida for a devastating attack. Frances Townsend monitored foreign intelligence links. Former counterterrorism specialist Aki J. Peritz tells how al-Qaida came dangerously close to killing people in 2006.

According to Peritz’s new book, al-Qaida planned a massive attack using explosives made from the highly combustible triacetone triperoxide. Chemistry calls it the “Mother of Satan.”

Frances Townsend’s bravery

The text depicts her as entirely focused on the topic. “Townsend had begun sleeping on her White House office couch, just in case,” Peritz writes. “I work in a room similar to the Situation Room or the Oval Office. “I lived in these two places,” Townsend added.

According to British intelligence, dangerous chemical, soda bottles, and glass jars containing batteries were used to store bombs. Al-Qaida fighters used syringes to inject triacetone triperoxide into unopened Coke bottles. To transport the bombs over the Atlantic, the unopened Coke would help

Fearing capture, Frances inquired about the prison’s population. And who the terrorists were chatting to recently. On aircraft and transportation, she questioned whether the suspects knew anybody.

The Homeland Security of Frances Townsend

British intelligence had not notified security personnel and baggage screeners, Townsend complained. The modest soda bottle explosives eluded screeners.

Even the most high-tech detectors would miss the explosive drinks. “The only way to be sure was to shake the jar and watch,” Peritz writes.

Fran Townsend disliked the operation’s British administration. Townsend told Peritz that the British were “quite annoyed by some lady in the White House–when it was their cause,” Townsend told Peritz.

Townsend declared an emergency since the planes were going towards America. It was August 2001 on steroids for Peritz.

“Every day,” Townsend said, “I concentrated on the threats.” The president said we have to stop the next strike. “We are doing everything possible to avert the next attack,” he said. Townsend won this time.

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