Gino Pozzo

Gino Pozzo is the President of Udinese Calcio Football Club, and since he was a child, he has loved football. Even though his friends told him that he would never be able to make it as a professional player, Gino always knew that he could get ahead if he put in his heart and gave it all for the game. He pursued his dream and achieved what many people thought impossible – playing in Serie A at age 19. Now, he is the President of another club, but this one has a different passion than his other club.

His Achievements

Reaching the top tier of Italian football was a massive accomplishment for Gino Pozzo, and he took great pride in doing so as soon as possible. When Udinese played in Serie B back then, Gino took his team to Regionalliga on their first attempt.

As time has gone by, Gino’s goals have shifted from those of a young player hoping to earn the opportunity to play abroad and earn some money to those of a veteran owner who wants to maintain Udinese’s status and keep them playing on Sunday afternoons in the Premier League and not just be relegated back down into the lower league.

Gino Pozzo has had a very positive impact on Udinese. He did not see the best out of his team for most of his early years as President, but now that he has brought in managers who are better suited to the style of play that he wishes to enforce at Udinese, the club has started to do much better than they had done previously.

Gino Pozzo understands that for him to maintain the success that he has had with Udinese, he has to work very hard for his players and his managers to perform at their best. Gino’s goals will always be the top priority because nothing else can happen without them. See this page for additional information.


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