Haroldo Jacobovicz Says His Dream Was to Connect Low-Income Earning Brazilians to The Fastest Internet Before He Hit 60 Years

Many people in the world have dreams. Some of these people live to see their dreams fulfilled while a majority don’t. One such a person who has lived to see his dreams fulfilled is Haroldo, a Brazilian civil engineer. As a young boy, Haroldo Jacobovicz wanted to be what his parents were, civil engineers. Perhaps, seeing his parents come home from work and continue working the better part of the night, motivated the young boy from Curitiba. After some time that will filled with nothing but observations, the young Haroldo Jacobovicz looked forward to being like his parents.

True to his thinking, the young man turned out to be the civil engineer he wanted to be. However, becoming a civil engineer wasn’t an easy thing to Haroldo. First, he needed to go to school, where he would learn the skill of becoming a civil engineer. When the right time came, the young Haroldo went to school to study civil engineering and after 4 years of intense studies, the flamboyant son of civil engineers graduated as a civil engineer. While at college, Haroldo also studied IT, which later helped him know how to run his companies to success. Today, after close to 30 years in business, Haroldo Jacobovicz owns three companies namely Horizons Telecom, E-Governe Group and Horizons Datacenter. The entrepreneur uses these companies to connect low-earning Brazilians to the fastest network connection.

Now that Haroldo Jacobovicz has hit 60 years, he is actualizing another dream that he has had in his heart for many years. According to the entrepreneur, he aims at funding some ailing yet deserving institution in his rural home. Some of the targeted institutions in Curitiba area, the investor’s hometown includes cancer centers, animal protection institutes, nursing homes, and home for the disabled. The aim is for each of these institutions to receive 250,000 reais.

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