Haroldo Jacobovicz Watches Parents Develop Structures, Emulates Them To Become A Civil Engineer And Founder Of Horizons Telecom

Growing up with two parents who share the same occupation was one of the many blessings Haroldo Jacobovicz witnessed in his early life. “I was so happy to see my parents develop extraordinary structures from scratch,” said Haroldo Jacobovicz. The now accomplished civil engineer with an inclination to information technology says that his parents played a big role in making him what he is today. “Were it not for my parents, I cannot imagine what I’d be in life. Perhaps I’d end up choosing to do what I couldn’t enjoy or even worse choose to do nothing because my parents were able,” Haroldo Jacobovicz added.

According to Haroldo Jacobovicz his mother was among the handful of women civil engineers in the entire state. Although not many people embraced the idea that women could take up jobs that are considered masculine, Haroldo’s father accorded his wife total respect. In fact, he encouraged his family to do what they are passionate about. It is on this reasoning that when a time came for their son to choose a career, he did not hesitate. While in college, Haroldo Jacobovicz chose to pursue a civil engineering course just like his parents. After graduation, the new civil engineer started a small company to supply a section of the government, including the military with fiber connectivity and other services.

Haroldo Jacobovicz’s first company was called Horizons Telecom. Ten years after using HT to bring together a team of IT experts to connect his clients to the fiber optic grid, Haroldo founded Horizons Datacenter, a sister company to HT. When founding the latter, Mr. Jacobovicz said he wanted his second form to handle logistics and other inventory services. Later, Mr. Jacobovicz started e-Governe Group, a third company. Thanks to these three firms, the Brazilian civil engineer is not stopping until he accomplishes his mission – to connect his fellow citizens to a cheaper, faster and reliable internet.

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