IM Academy Structure

IM Academy is an academic online establishment that works on the provision of Foreign Exchange Trading education. It is a digital-based platform that works mainly through its website and application. Its education has impacted the lives of over a hundred thousand students who are currently enrolled in its program.

It is a unique academy that incorporates the use of the practice to enhance the skillsets of its students. This strategy has allowed their platform to thrive more.

How Learning Takes Place

Learning in IM Academy is structured to occur in two forms. It is classified into theory and practical sessions. The theory is released in videos and online reading materials. The academy has put extra effort into allocating a specific number of videos for each course. Students are required to participate by watching all the videos put together. The video resources are pre-recorded which means that they can be downloaded for future reference.

IM Academy has instituted the use of a case study format of learning. This involves using practical lessons which in the case of trading means entering into live trades. The academy has a strict standard of hiring only experienced and expert traders in financial markets. This makes it easier for them to take the students through what happens in live trade sessions.

IM Academy also sets up events that allow students to network and meet traders of their choice. Such events are normally exclusive to active students. They are meant to allow students to have the backing of friends who are involved in the same trade after they finish their course.

The institution has a specialized and unique way of learning that is different from other platforms. Aside from hiring expert traders, the academy considers people who are well versed in many languages. This trait allows the recording of study materials in various languages. It caters to students from diverse cultural backgrounds. The lessons from the academies are also flexibly available. This is to accommodate the different time zones of the students.

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