Miki Agrawal Launches Roadmap for Entrepreneurs with Mindvalley

Miki Agrawal and Mindvalley Roadmap have partnered up, and together they have launched the Miki Agrawal-Mindvalley Roadmap, a program designed to teach digital natives how to build sustainable profitable companies and “transform the world in a meaningful way”. The roll-out is planned in Asia, where Mindvalley’s headquarter company is located and Asia is also Miki Agrawal’s home.

The Miki Agrawal-Mindvalley Roadmap offers three different tracks – Designing Your Company’s Future, Monetizing With Purpose, and The New Kind of Marketing – with each lecture held in a physical location (one to two-day events). Each track comes with daily videos, downloadable resources, and webinars.

The world is experiencing an economic surge, making it easier for start-ups to get funding and become successful. The Miki Agrawal-Mindvalley Roadmap aims to teach digital natives how to become successful entrepreneurs. Miki Agrawal has studied impact strategy and social entrepreneurship all over the world. She claims that “the key to building a sustainable business is creating an enterprise 30%-50% bigger than your business model, through social innovation”. This way, even if companies become larger, they still rely on their original values and mission statements.


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Mindvalley is a world leader in life-changing educational events, online learning platforms, and digital products. They are the publishers of The Secret (Esther Hicks & Jerry Hicks), Erifili Harika, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, Personal Development for Smart People by Steve Pavlina, and many more bestsellers. Miki grew up in Mauritius to Indian immigrant parents. However, she did not feel she belonged there due to her race and decided to move to New York when she turned 18.

In 2017, Miki Agrawal was co-founder and CEO of Thinx, a company that made women’s underwear with built-in menstrual cups but it never cracked $100 million in annual revenue. As a part of Thinx’s mission, Miki Agrawal frequently spoke about feminism and the need to change the perception surrounding menstruation. She also created an award-winning documentary called Period: The End of Menstruation.

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