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While still taking classes at school, Steph Korey hit on an opportunity from her friend phoning in distress with a broken travel suitcase. Reminded of her travel woes, Steph Korey noticed the apparent need for reliable and rugged carry-alls. With this in mind, the classmates started vetting questions to over 800 travelers gathering data for their new line of luggage that would answer the needs of the wanderers.


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Jumping into product design was not the first foray into business management for the two young trailblazers. Both were part of the venture brand Warbly Parker during its initial ground floor rise. Steph Korey handled logistics and supply chain management for Warbly’s coveted delivery system of custom eyewear right to customers’ homes. Taking those skills and background into her development phase, the student narrowed down what qualities would make their bag the biggest hit with customers. Needing suppliers while still in school, Korey tracked down designers for their purposes and used their research and crash testings to create a bag made from high-quality material.

Knowing that they wanted to offer their bags at reasonable prices without substituting quality, the team decided to cut out retail costs entirely and offer through virtual retail. To get their site off the ground, Steph Korey looked to investor funding and by the holiday season was able to secure over 2 million in seed money for the Away brand. Investors were impressed by the extensive testing of the bag’s zippers and wheels for durability, plus the integrated charging dock in the case handle makes it practical for the long layovers when phones stagger on their last bars. The bag reflects Korey and her partner’s frustrations to serve as the premier bag for frequent flyers. The Away brand is expecting high profits with talk of extending their range of travel products soon.

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